Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lefroy books online!

Thanks to our dearest Linda the Librarian, we have in announcement the hard copy version of The Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy, available since 31 Dec 2009, or just before the New Year. What an interesting New Year present! Get it in Amazon, dearest...

Also found on Google Book (Linda's been very active!) is the Notes and documents relating to the family of Loffroy, by a cadet [J.H. Lefroy]. You can download the PDF from the link. By the way, Sir John Henry Lefroy was the son of Tom Lefroy's first cousin; or the grandson of Madam Lefroy.

Happy reading!

Pic: Thomas Langlois Lefroy by George Engleheart, private collection of Edward Lefroy

PS: I posted this one on 31 Jan, but since I made the draft last week, Blogger just registered it as posted on 24 Jan. Weird...

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Linda Fern said...

Also, the Memoir is on line at Google books, found here:

Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy


Linda the Librarian