Friday, 7 August 2009

Another beautiful wallpaper from Maria!

Maria strikes again! This time, the wallpaper is lavishly adorned with dusky pink colours (my favourite at the moment, actually!) and it has such a beautiful romantic tone. What do you think, Ladies and Gents? Charming, is it not?

Thank you so much, Maria!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Maria, if only I had my own private PC, I would use all of them in rotation. I have to share with my daughter and granddaughter, so now I shall surely have to go buy my own the first chance I get.

Linda the Librarian

mamma jakeline said...

Linda, please don't bill me! ;) But I am glad that you like it. I'll probably make one or two more. I am working (only one more week now), and it's boooring. My hubbie is home with the little one. Well, he's not so little any more. Soon to be 8 month √Čomer is almost crawling, has two teeth on their way up and is standing up with help. Where did the time go???

/ Maria