Saturday, 23 May 2009

Emma- open-air theatrical production

My most recent post was about an event in the uk and now I have another for you Brit fans out there....or others who dont mind travelling a considerable distance!

In various open-air locations around the uk, there is to be a theatrical version of Emma this summer.

For more details, please visit the heartbreak productions site

The tour begins on July 1st in Leamington Spa and ends on August 29th at the national trust site, Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire.

I am going to look into getting tickets this weekend as some of the venues are beautiful in their own right; add Emma and Mr Knightley into the mix and it will be magical!

Pic: Emma and Knightley

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Icha said...

That'll be so AWESOME! I wish I could see it... sigh... Thanks a lot Rach for the info. You MUST give a report if you truly attend the event! It must be like watching Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream in the park...