Saturday, 2 August 2008

WINNER: Trivia Quiz

I am delighted to announce that the winner of our quiz which we launched in commemoration of the anniversary of Jane Austen's death is...........

**********Lis Craig from Texas in the US.**********


We will be in contact about how we will get the prize to you.

The questions with answers were as follows:

1. In addition to writing about love stories (and their predicaments), Jane Austen was also an avid supporter of the abolitionist movement. In what novel did she include slavery as one of her main themes?

Mansfield Park

2. Who accompanied Jane Austen to Winchester on 24 May 1817?

Jane's sister, Cassandra Austen

3. Years after Jane Austen’s death, Thomas Langlois Lefroy admitted to one of his relatives that he used to have a ‘boyish love’ with the famous authoress. What was the name of his relative, and what was he to Tom Lefroy?

Thomas Edward Preston Lefroy who is Thomas Langlois Lefroy's nephew

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Pic: Jane and Cassandra- from Anne Hathaway fansite

PS 3 August 2008:

Sorry Rachel for using your post, but I just want to inform you all that Lis will be getting Laurie V. Rigler's "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict" for free, shipped to her address. Thanks a lot, Laurie, and congratulations, Lis!


mamma jakeline said...

At least I got the answers right this time! ;) ah well... not lucky in games, then lucky in love? hey? tss. Got to see little Peanut on the ultrasound on Thursday anyways. It was so incredible! I still haven't gotten out of the bliss... For pics visit my blog. :)

hugs and kisses from a growing mum to be!

Icha said...

Aawww... c'mon Maria darling, you're already lucky with Peanut and Hubby, are you not? And we will visit Peanut in your blog to see how beautiful he/she is. Will you expect Peanut to be a he or a she?


mamma jakeline said...

Oh yes, I am very lucky and blessed! :) I have no idea what it's gonna be yet. Most around me think it's gonna be a boy. I don't mind. I'm just happy that s/he's in there! :) I'm beginning to feel small kicks. *beaming*

Hugs and Kisses!