Saturday, 19 July 2008

Maria's fanvid to commemorate Jane Austen's death

Thanks to Maria, here's a freshly made fan-video to commemorate Jane Austen's death yesterday. It's lovely and touching, as always.

Say hi to peanut, Maria!


Rachel said...

Maria, I honestly believe that is the nicest, most touching, one I have seen! Thank you sooo much.
I am feeling my heart in my mouth right now, so moving.
I loved the colour fading.
It is helped so much by the wonderful facial expressions from the actors who depict the deepest of emotions through a single glance or turn of the head. James McAvoys eyes....they tell a story of their own!
Thank you.

mamma jakeline said...

I just thought of the song the other day, when I was watching Grease 2. I wonder I haven't thought of it before, it's perfect! ;)

Oh yes, James' eyes, they are a different story.

I'm glad you liked it. This really one of my favourites out of the ones I've done.

Peanut says hi, Icha! ;) Peanut has begun making sure mommy is aware that its in there...

Hugs and Kisses.

Anonymous said...

Maria, do you have any IDEA what that video does to me?

But, of course you do!


Linda the Librarian

mamma jakeline said...

linda, dear, I might have a small idea. ;)

If you liked that one, check this one out;
I borrowed the music from Bride and Prejudice, Take me to Love.

hugs and kisses