Monday, 9 June 2014

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 269

Dear Readers,

We seem to have a problem keeping up with our posts these days, and Icha asked us just this day, June 8, the following question when she sent us the roster for June and July:  "7/8 June:  God knows, anyone want to volunteer?"  Well she inspired me with that question due to the fact that this Sunday, June 8, I am celebrating the Church holiday known as "Pentecost" with some friends and we are doing it on line.  So, I determined to check to see if our Dear Jane used the word "God" in P&P, and sure enough, she did - 4 times.    And here they are:

Two of them are sort of derogatory, as in Chapter 3:  For God's sake, say no more of his partners.
And in Chapter 46:  "Good God! what is the matter?"
The next 2 quotes are a bit more respectable, as in Chapter 24:  I have nothing either to hope or fear, and nothing to reproach him with. Thank God! I have not that pain.

And in Chapter 35, my favorite:  I will only add, God bless you. " Fitzwilliam Darcy."
So, dear Readers, excuse me whilst I go back to my study now.  And, to quote our dear Jane:  God Bless You All!
Linda the Librarian

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Icha said...

hahaha! That's actually a good way to find an idea for a quote, Linda! maybe I will try that next time...

Thanks Rachel for posting it too!