Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tom Lefroy Quote of the Week 29

Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy), from DokinaCZ
I recently stumbled across the following article and I simply had to pass it on to you.  The title is:  "Who was the real Thomas Lefroy?" written by one of his descendants.  Here is the first paragraph which explains what it is about:
As reported recently in the Longford Leader, the new film about the life of Jane Austen, "Becoming Jane", documents the famous author's relationship with Thomas Lefroy, who went on to purchase Carrigglas Manor. While the film concentrates on Austen, there is also much interest in Mr Lefroy's background and how he came to own Carrigglas. Here, in an article written by Lt Colonel Patrick Lefroy MA MBE, a descendent of Lefroy, for the 1983 Longford Historical Society Journal, we look at Lefroy, the man who was said to be the inspiration for Darcy- one of Austen's most famous characters.
You may read the rest of the article HERE.  What I really like about the article is that he seems to be of the same mind as I am about the Tom/Jane 'affair'.  Also, we get a rather detailed look at Tom's life.
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