Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Quote of the Week 217

I want to firstly wish you all best wishes for this week and the whole of 2013, from Linda, Icha and myself.

I have found a quote written by George, Jane’s father, in a letter to his sister-in-law.
Cassandra (Jane's mother) was not at home as she had visited her sister to help her in childbirth.
The quote is taken from Deirdre Le Faye’s Jane Austen: A Family Record, p. 23.

“I don’t much like this lonely kind of Life.”

Talking about his family paying a visit, he said:

“I say we, for I certainly shall not let my Wife come alone, & I dare say she will not leave her children behind her.”

I think that this shows how much he cares for his wife and although this wasnt written at christmas time, I think it is such a wonderful representative of the importance of family time at christmas.

Pic: George Austen in Becoming Jane

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Icha said...

Merry XMas everyone! May your Christmas be in peace and love...