Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 200

I thought I had a brilliant idea, namely, to include on the Becoming Jane Fansite a list of other sites that are Jane Austen related which our readers may or may not know about.  Lo and Behold, upon looking at the BJ home page I discovered that such a list already existed called "Austenian Links".

So the best I could do is recommend another site to add to that list which is edited by my friend, JulieW.  The name of the site is "Austen Only" and deals mainly with Jane's Life and Times.  She has a treasure house of information there.  You may peruse it here:  Austen Only
So, simply to pique your interest in that site, I will say the the entry for July 19, 2012 is about a "twitten".  You will have to read the article to understand what a "twitten" is, so I won't spoil your fun.  The next entry dated July 18, 2012 is about Jane's connection with Winchester Cathedral (where she is buried).  That is of special interest to me because in July 2003 I made a trip to dear England for a Jane Austen conference and included a tour of Winchester Cathedral - which I will never forget.  You may read about my trip here:  Linda's Sentimental Journey.  You will even find a picture of me next to Jane's grave.  At the top of that page is a partial quote from Jane's brother, James Austen, and I will include his entire poem here:

"On such subjects no wonder that she shou'd write well,
In whom so united those Qualities dwell;
Where 'dear Sensibility', Sterne's darling Maid,
With Sense so attemper'd is finely portray'd
Fair Elinor's self in that Mind is exprest,
And the Feelings of Marianne live in that Breast,
Oh then, gentle Lady! continue to write,
And the sense of your Readers t'amuse & delight.
A Friend

James wrote this after the publication of her first novel, "Sense and Sensibility".   So dear Readers, have fun looking into these items about our own Jane Austen.

Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian

Pic: Linda besides Jane Austen's grave in the Winchester Cathedral in 2003

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