Saturday, 16 July 2011

Jane Austen Quote of the Week - Week 159

This quote is from No. 9 of James Austen's "The Loiterer". The letter included in this issue most people believe to be written by our own Jane Austen. I firmly believe that myself. It sounds so much like something she would have written. She begins her letter to the editor thusly:

I write this to inform you that you are very much out of my good graces, and that, if you do not mend your manners, I shall soon drop your acquaintance. You must know, Sir, I am a great reader, and not to mention some hundred volumes of Novels and Plays, have, in the last two summers, actually got through all the entertaining papers of our most celebrated periodical writers, from the Tatler and Spectator to the Microcosm and the Olla Podrida. Indeed I love a periodical work beyond any thing, especially those in which one meets with a great many stories, and where the papers are not too long. I assure you my heart beat with joy when I first heard of your publication, which I immediately sent for, and have taken in ever since.

She continues on and chastises the editor in no uncertain words. You may read the entire letter here

It is my pleasure to inform you that I am the guilty party that put the entire Loiterer on line. When I aspired to do that, the Loiterer was being quite neglected and I thought it merited its own place on the internet. Jane's brother, James, was quite knowledgeable and educated in my opinion and deserves his own place in the sun as well as our dear Jane.

Because of 'Sophia's" mention of those other periodicals, I was intrigued so much so that I investigated and got my own copies (those that I could find in book form) or found on line to read. I am amazed at the subjects covered and the intelligence that appeared 'way back then'. We never know what treasures await us.

Linda the Librarian


Katie said...

This blog is so neat, and I'm happy to have found it. I'm a HUGE fan of Becoming Jane -my all time FAVORITEEEEEE movie; it's caused me to love Jane Austen, because the movie gave such insight as to who she was. (:
Keep up the great work!

Icha said...

Thank you so much Katie for the heartwarming words!

Linda, thanks a lot for the great quote. I agree that Sophia seemed to be our Jane herself. The way she chastised the editors... I would be red-faced if I were them! And she snotted Oxford too! My oh my...

Rachel dear, thank you so much for uploading the quote. I meant to do it yesterday night, but alas I forgot. Good thing you already did it.