Sunday, 20 June 2010

Jeremy Northam in 'Miami Medical'

For you ladies who were gaga over Jeremy Northam's Mr. Knigthley, we are having another treat! Yes we do! For my dearest Mr. Knigthley has decided to move to Miami and become a medical doctor there (and change his ID to Dr. Matt Proctor but still keeping his delicious British accent).

See the preview if you'd like, or replay Gwyneth Palthrow's Emma again to see how charming he was as Mr. Knightley.

Or a rather too sizzling video for a Regency taste, but just fine for 21st CE ladies? Or a rather romantic video?

Now I have to explain that I haven't seen this TV series in Australia yet (am I so far behind?), but US viewers have been lucky for at least 3 months now. But I guess it doesn't perform well, for it is to be canceled on 2 July. Bummer. That blows the chance of seeing it in Australia... or not? Hey, but at least I can still see him in YouTube!

And of course, I am also gaga over Jonny Lee Miller (I never knew he used to marry Angelina Jolie!), but as the lady here said... Jeremy Northam is my Mr. Knightley (Linda dear, not to fret, you can keep Mark Strong's Knightley). Although to be fair, JLM is that close to competing with Northam in my heart, I don't mind having both of them for dinner!

Better make it TWO dinners then. I cannot divide my heart so...


Blarney Girl said...

I'm sorry to hear it's being canceled. I saw the pilot and was intrigued. It was pretty choppy as pilots go since no one really knows who their characters are, but it looked like it had great promise.

Icha said...

Really? I wish I could see it. The YT one wasn't helpful. Bummer.