Thursday, 20 May 2010

The 2010 Jane Austen Festival UK and Awards

Dearest Linda provided me with this information on the 3rd Annual Jane Austen Awards and its survey and a very interesting (and difficult for me!) love quiz. Do fill in the survey and quiz and tell us your results!

Also coming up in September is the 10th Jane Austen Festival in Bath! Oh my dearest Rachel, how I envy thee...

A question: does anyone of you dear readers have any Regency costume? I wonder, because it might be a good investment, even just as a memorabilia...

Pic: Andrea Galer's regency costume from JA Centre UK. Is it not a beauty?


Rachel said...

I am definitely determined to go there this year. I cant wait!!

Come with me Icha??

I would LOVE a regency dress. Better still I would love to be transported back to the regency era!

Icha said...

Would LOVE to go to Bath with you!!!

But seriously, you DON'T want to be transported back to regency era. They don't have toothpaste and sanitary napkins! I can't live without those two! ^_^