Friday, 9 April 2010

Jane Austen Quote of the Week - Week 103

As the sun has finally shown itself in the UK the last few days, I thought I would pick a quote from Chapter 9 of Mansfield Park. Edmund, Miss Crawford and Fanny are walking and Edmund comments that he believes Fanny is tired. She replies:

"I shall soon be rested," said Fanny; "to sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure, is the most perfect refreshment."

This is exactly how I feel at the moment. I think there is something very special about a bright spring or summers day. Its just so natural and uplifting. Life is blossoming and the air is fresh. It really is special.


Katherine said...

I agree ;)

Linda Fern said...

I agree also. I am grateful for the spring flowers and sunshine after a cold, rainy, and snowy winter.

Linda the Librarian

Romantic Heroine said...

oh, I just dicoverd your blog and I'm delighted! I gave you an award. hope you like it:

Rachel said...

Thanks so much Romantic Heroine. A sunshine award - how apt for this weeks quote. We appreciate it very much. Thanks for visiting the blog. Would love to hear from you again. x

Icha said...

Yes, thank you very much Romantic Heroine. Have dropped a thank you note too at your gorgeous website.

And thanks a lot for the lovely quote Rachel. I for one want to have white winter, but I guess prolonged winter is very annoying... (gorgeous boots and coats aside)