Monday, 17 March 2008

Maria's first BJ fan-vid!

And it's great! Have a look here:

Love the clips, love the song. It suits well, as she said, with her I Remember Love fan-fiction. Have you read it? You should. It's Chapter 15 now, Jane Austen is taken ill :-(

Speaking of illness, I have in my mind a post about JA's illness and various medical opinions on it. I might have to spare time to write it, it's rather academic.


Anonymous said...

Oh, but I did the same for People's Choice Awards and it’s proved that my strategy works : -))) As they say…”every vote counts” so, please BJ fans, don’t be shy and vote as many times you’d like, if you really want BJ, JMA and AH to win the awards.

…and Icha dearest, thank you for uploading this fanvid. Why I’m not surprised (anymore) that we like pretty much the same music, movies…BTW, Enya’s song “If I can be where you are” will be a great choice for an Atonement fanvid., don’t you think?

Where are you this moment / Only in my dreams
You're missing, but you're always / a heartbeat from me.

I'm lost now without you. / I don't know where you are.
I keep watching, / I keep hoping, / but time keeps us apart.

Is there a way I can find you? / Is there a sign I should know?
Is there a road I could follow, / to bring you back home?

Let’s not forget our Dearest “Irish friend”, Thomas Lefroy: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!
My “heart and soul” is green today. I think I’m going to celebrate this special day by watching BJ movie again, and again…hoping this time, Mr. Lefroy will not let Jane go.


Anonymous said...

tht video was amazingly beautiful!
Gahh Jane and Tom, Anne and James, Jane and Tom,....i love their chemistry so much!
I loved all the clips you've used and the song was really perfect for it! Overall, nice work ! =) Make moreeee videos <33

I'm voting my hardest everyday for the award! I really hope they win and I actually hope they attend. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Anne and James haven't been to a premiere together or taken a pic together outside of filming Becoming Jane? =(

Anonymous said...

Hey, me and my friends made a fun little petition - its to get anne and james to do another movie together tht ends happily for them haah :D
It's kind of hard for us to get it out there cuz we don't have a webpage or so, so we thought we'd share with you guys since your page is a huge success with webers :) So if you were interested or know of any anne and james fan, could u please let them know about our petition and sign it :D
heres the link to it

Icha said...

Mariana dear, yes, I think that particular Enya song is very suitable for Atonement. Alas, I'm not a good video maker, hence we have to delegate it to someone else (wink to Maria).

Nancy, I've signed your petition :-) and just wait for my next post to support your petition!

Icha said...

Oh, and happy St. Patrick! Viva Jane and Tom!

Icha said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Anne and James haven't been to a premiere together or taken a pic together outside of filming Becoming Jane? =(

Sadly, you're correct, Nancy. So here's to the hope that they will appear together soon for a BJ-related event. And I've posted your petition ;-)

mamma jakeline said...

I am so glad you like my work! :) I will consider making another video, of either Atonement or BJ or well, probably both! :) I'm just so in love with James... :P I will check out Enya as well, I haven't listened to her for years. As it turns out I am actually a rocker (preferably hard)! ;)

/love, Maria L

Anonymous said...

This movie was so sad, I sure hope Jane Austen never actually experienced such heartbreak!