Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Jane Austen Regency World Awards

Ladies and Gents,

Thanks to Librarian Linda, I am aware of this interesting award launched by the Jane Austen Regency World as follows:

Vote for your favourite actor, actress and film of 2007 in the Jane Austen Regency World awards! In the seven categories the Awards recognise the contribution of the nominees in furthering the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the work of Jane Austen.

You can only make your vote online. Please vote here.

Voting will continue up to the 10th of May after which time this link will be closed.
The winners will be announced and awards presented at a black tie dinner event at the Hilton Hotel in Bath on 15th May 2008.

If you would like to attend the event, a limited number of tickets are available for purchase from the Jane Austen Centre online giftshop.

The Awards are sponsored by The Jane Austen Centre and Bath Aqua Glas.

So, what are you waiting for? Vote for Becoming Jane, Anne Hathaway, and James McAvoy!

Pic: Jane Austen Centre UK


Anonymous said...

ooh another award! :)
I just voted for BJ, Anne, and James!! :)
I hope they win! and i wish they will attend the show!

Icha said...

Thanks Nance! I've voted for BJ, AH and JMA too!

And spread the words, please? We need to marshal more fans!

mamma jakeline said...

I've voted, of course for BJ, AH and JMA! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi all, i'm kinda new here, I've recently been watchin BJ about 7 times now, and i just LOVE it so much! i thought that Anne and James had this very strong chemistry <3 and I really like this webpage and I'm so glad I found a place where I can read about the real Jane Austen and share the same intereest with other fans (:

Oh, and I have a quick question, what's that instrumental music playing on the Becoming Jane official website? It's beautiful <3

Icha said...

Thanks a lot, Nancy! Don't worry, I watched BJ four times in the cinema. I have not watched the DVD for as many times as you, for I went abroad for field work, but it still captivates me every time I watch the clips.

For the music, unfortunately, upon many queries to the website, I have not known what's the name of the instrumental music on the BJ website. I sure hope someone else will shed some light.

Anonymous said...

I've voted too several times… and I'll continue to do it as long as I'm allowed :)

Is anyone from Team Jane going too this black tie dinner in Bath? Rachel?

love & hugs

mamma jakeline said...

Hey guys! I've been a bit creative and made a BJ-fanvid that kinda compliments my fanfic. it can be watched here:
It is my first try... Hope you'll like it! :)

/ hugs and kisses from Maria in Sweden

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Maria, your creation is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Indeed, this song compliments very well your fan-fiction… “Now I know my heart is breakable/ 'Cause I remember love”.

Do you like Enya? She has lots of songs that will be a great match for BJ fan-videos: Amarantine/ Someone Said Goodbye (

“Is there a reason
Why a broken heart begins to cry?
Is there a reason
You were lost although you don't know why?
Give me a reason
Why you never want to say goodbye.”

Icha said...

Mariana, you did not! LOL! So funny! Well, continue to vote many times as long as they allow us! It's a good strategy.

And I do love Enya too. I love Amarantine and many others, including Watermark and A Day without Rain. Just love it! Someone has to make A Day Without Rain with BJ scenes.

And Maria, hope you like my new post on your fanvid!

mamma jakeline said...

aww you are so sweet! :) *blushing* I have thought of making another one. I am on the lookout for suitable songs! ;)

how about this?
Empty room
Empty heart
Since you’ve been gone
I must move on
Empty room

Icha, thanks for posting it! :)

Icha said...

No worries, Maria. About the song, that's lovely. Who sang it?

mamma jakeline said...

It's a Swedish girl named Sanna Nielsen. you can watch it here:

we have had this tv series to find our contestant to the Eurovision song contest. She got on second place.