Saturday, 1 November 2014

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 284

Since today as I type is October 31 and Halloween, I thought it appropriate to quote something scary from Jane.  I found this in Northanger Abbey, Chapter 21.  Catherine has found "An immense heavy chest!" And she goes on thusly:

Her fearful curiosity was every moment growing greater; and seizing, with trembling hands, the hasp of the lock, she resolved at all hazards to satisfy herself at least as to its contents. With difficulty, for something seemed to resist her efforts, she raised the lid a few inches; but at that moment a sudden knocking at the door of the room made her, starting, quit her hold, and the lid closed with alarming violence. This ill–timed intruder was Miss Tilney’s maid, sent by her mistress to be of use to Miss Morland; and though Catherine immediately dismissed her, it recalled her to the sense of what she ought to be doing, and forced her, in spite of her anxious desire to penetrate this mystery, to proceed in her dressing without further delay.

We shall be passing out candy to 'trick or treaters' tonight, so everyone have a Happy Halloween!

Yrs aff'ly,

Linda the Librarian

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Icha said...

hahaha, cute quote! Thanks Linda, and happy Halloween! (and thanks Rachel for posting it!)