Sunday, 13 May 2012

Tom Lefroy Quote Week 19

Recently, I’ve been putting a new healthy habit of enjoying my weekend and doing a really minimum work (other than cleaning the house, baking, cooking, reading, and other things I love). So here’s a Tom Lefroy quote that reflects my current state of bliss… in the hope that you all also feel your personal bliss everywhere. The Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy page 85, an 1825 letter to his wife:

John Bennet’s, near Nenagh, Sunday evening.

Here I am, thank God, quietly enjoy a day of real rest and peace, - all  my labours and anxieties ended, and I have experienced nothing but unaffected kindness and respect throughout the whole of the Circuit.

Quietly enjoying a day of real rest and peace. How beautiful is that? I baked white cupcakes yesterday (Martha Stewart’s white cupcakes, heavenly light and fluffy!). I had lunch in a local Japanese restaurant with a book, and then strolled some shopping arcades.

How is your weekend so far, dear friends?

Pic: 'The Ladybugs Love Chocolate' by Janet Hill, my favourite Etsy artist.


Linda Fern said...

Well, thankfully this week I am joining you in rest and peace. My grandkids have finished their schooling for the school year and Grandma has some time for herself.

Well, almost, because there are a few things that must be done. Sigh. But Rest is Lovely.

Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian

Abc said...

I wish I had the same state if mind...