Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jane Austen Quote of the Week - Week 176

Since the Christmas season is upon us, I began my search for a Christmas quote and found a lovely surprise. This week I will consider Christmas in general, because I will make a specific Christmas quote on the 24th.

I have a Pemberley friend, Julie Wakefield, who used to manage the Life and Times board at Pemberley. I had the good fortune to meet her at the Annual Meeting of Pemberley in 2003 at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She now maintains a web site/blog which continues her interest in Jane's "Life and Times". The surprise I found is her section on "Jane Austen and Christmas"!

Here is a link to that page which has many links worth your perusal on the subject. CLICK HERE

Go to her home page for links to all the other subjects she writes about - it is a treasure indeed! Happy Reading!

Linda the Librarian

Pic: Plum pudding- Jane Austen centre

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Rachel said...

Amazing find Linda! Thank you. x