Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tom Lefroy Quote Week 4 by Linda

My Tom quote this week comes from a footnote explaining the Lefroy lineage in Chapter 1 of the Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy:

"Antoine Loffroy came from Flanders about the year 1569, in the time of the Duke of Alva's persecution. He brought with him a considerable sum of money and jewels; but his estate shared the same fate with that of many other refugees who left France on account of their religion, being confiscated, and all the family writings, papers &c., destroyed. His wife was a Flanderine lady of the first quality, and very rich, of the family of the Du Hoorns. He had two sons, Isaiah, born in Flanders, and David, born after his arrival in England. He, finding a number of refugees in Canterbury, and induced by the convenience of the French church, resolved to fix there."

I quote this because I am on a mission to see if there is any truth to the belief of so many biographers of Jane and Tom that Tom was poor and found it necessary to marry "money". So far I have not found this to be true, but my mission is not completed as yet. As the old saying goes, "follow the money". So, if there is anyone out there with more time on their hands than I have to do research, you may want to look into this book on line: "Notes and Documents Relating to the Family of Loffroy, by a cadet [J.H. Lefroy]"

My personal opinion is that Tom and Mary Paul had some type of "understanding" before he met Jane, since he had known her a couple of years already. Because Tom was the gentleman that he was, he would not abandon Mary. So we shall see. More later.

Linda the Librarian

Pic: James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy in 'Becoming Jane'

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Maria aka jakeline said...

Oh, I'm liking your mission! Hope to see more progress!