Sunday, 7 November 2010

Tom Lefroy Quote of the Week 1

This week I wish to return to our study of dear Tom Lefroy by looking in the Memoir for a bit. I do think more attention is deserved to some particular details that were possibly overlooked by others (and I won't mention any "lit critters" by name).

Let us begin at the beginning – namely the first paragraph of the Preface found in the "Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy", by his son, Thomas Lefroy, M.A., Q.C., Published 1871.

The following Memoir of the Right Honourable Thomas Langlois Lefroy, late Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, has been written, not so much as a record of his public career as of those traits of character which, in private life, endeared him to all who had the privilege of enjoying his society; and in the hope that the bright example he has left behind, in the unswerving consistency of his political principles, the simplicity of his Christian faith, and his deep humility, may be blessed to many who knew him not while here. To those who did know him it will be interesting to retrace some of the steps of one who, through all the arduous duties of professional, political, and judicial life, seemed to live in constant communion with Him who was the source of that singularly unruffled peace of mind which characterized his whole career.
I particularly wanted to quote this in order to set the tone for further insight to the "real" Tom Lefroy. Yes, I know that one is supposed to speak (or write) nice things about those who have passed on, but I wish to believe that the above is true in all aspects as our future searches and quotes will bear witness. So stay tuned!

You may see a reference to the Memoir on amazon Here. Other Lefroy sources include a book titled "Notes and documents relating to the family of Loffroy" by a cadet [J.H. Lefroy] which is online HERE. Geez, are there any more that would shed light on our dear Tom and the Life and Times of those days? Do let us know.

Linda the Librarian

Pic: Thomas Langlois Lefroy by George Engleheart

Icha's note:
Starting from this week, we start coding the Tom Lefroy quotes separately. This week is Week One of Tom Lefroy Quote. We will alternate with Jane Austen quotes every other week or so; the next Jane Austen Quote will be JA Quote of the Week 133.


Rachel said...

A great way to start the 'Tom quotes' - Thanks Linda. I particularly love the line "unswerving consistency of his political principles" - I respect that in a person.

Linda Fern said...

You are quite right, Icha, about posting Tom quotes, especially since this IS the "Becoming Jane Fansite" which does include Tom!

Linda the Librarian

Icha said...

Rachel, Linda and all friends,

If you click on the 'Tom Lefroy Quotes' category, you'll find we have three quotes now. It happens because we had two other TL quotes under the 'JA Quote of the Week', which wasn't numbered yet. So consider those two 0A and 0B, and now we're in Week One of TL Quote.

thanks for the quote Linda. And yes Rachel, next week is Jane's turn.

jakeline said...

Oh great! Am really looking forward to get to know the Real Tom Lefroy more!

Am still working on IRL. Sorry for the delay. I'm almost there...