Thursday, 4 February 2010

Baby News for James McAvoy

I know this is slightly unrelated to Jane and her work but as this blog originated based on the film Becoming Jane, I wanted to make you aware that the lovely James McAvoy (our Tom Lefroy in the film) is going to be a daddy.

His very talented wife, Anne-Marie Duff (Notes on a Scandal, Nowhere Boy, and many excellent british tv series), and James are staring in the new film The Last Station with Helen Mirren (who has been nominated for an oscar for her performance) and is released here in the UK in a few weeks. I cant wait.

Read more about the upcoming arrival of the 'Mc-Duff family':


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jakeline said...

Oh darn it. Now I'll never catch him... :P

Sorry I've been absent. But I've been a busy bee with my fanfics and other stuff. Like starting yet another blog (jakelinesinspiredwriting(dot)blogspot(dot)com), a new youtubeaccount and working. :)

I've made a fanvid in celebration of my new yt-account. Watch it here:

Hugs and kisses from Maria in Sweden where it's snowing like hell. Will I ever see grass again?

Icha said...

Thanks a lot Rachel for the news! I love James and Anne-Marie together, they're such a beautiful couple...

Maria, enjoy the snow. It's hot like... hell :-) in Town, so some cold weather might do me good.

Then again, it might be climate change... so may Mother Earth be blessed...