Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thank you Mariana! BJF toddler two years old!

If I can hide myself like an ostrich hiding its head underground, I would. For I forgot (EEPS!) that last May 24 was our anniversary! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen... Becoming Jane Fansite is two years old already!

And the one dearest friend who reminded me (us) is none other than our Mariana! She even sent this beautiful Youtube video by Needingyourvoice as a belated birthday present.

Beautiful, beautiful video indeed! No wonder it won first place in AmeliaKate09's Valentines Day Contest and first place in Volz545's Jane Austen Character/Couple contest. I have no idea how I missed that! Oh wait... I was in the middle of the sea, doing field work. No wonder :-D


Rachel said...

Thanks so much Mariana. Such a treat. I like the choice of have such ability to see what will work.
Thank you!

mamma jakeline said...

Happy belated anniversary! I'm very busy as of late. Being a mother of a 5 month baby is hard work! And we've moved as well. So busy busy.

I cannot believe it's been two years already!

I hope you guys are all fine! Perhaps I will find some time to make you a video, it's been a while now. Mainly because my editing software's gone crazy... :P

hugs and kisses!

Mariana said...

Hugs and kisses for my dearest toddler :) I've been so lucky to meet you when you were just a baby, almost 2 years ago, and see you grow up every week ...Thank you, for all the happiness you've brought into my life and hope you will continue to do it for many years to come.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!

Maria dearest, I'm glad to see that in spite of being a busy mom, you still manage to get some 'me' time and come to visit old friends :)
It will be great to see a new video from you -hope you'll find the time ...and know how to deal with your software's tantrums ;D

Infinity of Love

Icha said...

Yeah, we're still a baby really, not much older than your dearest Eomer, Maria. Hugs and kisses from Aunt Icha. And thanks a lot again Mariana!