Sunday, 17 March 2013

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 226

Have you ever been agitated, vexed out because you sent a rather long letter (read: email, SMS), and yet received a very short reply instead? Well, I have, more than several occasions. Hence, I find it very amusing when this quote popped up from our BJF old archives. Thanks to Michelle (wherever you are now, M, take care...) for providing us with this quote back in 2009.
From Jane's letter to Cassandra, dated 24 December 1798 (click here for the Pemberley archive):

"You deserve a longer letter than this; but it is my unhappy fate seldom to treat people so well as they deserve."

So there you go. Whenever you receive a very short answer to your lengthy (traditional) letter, email, SMS etc, just remember this: Cassandra Austen had the same fate too! Although I wouldn't say that Jane's letter to her was short at all...

I love you, Jane...


Linda Fern said...

Whew, well that certainly answers that question. Now I shan't be so vexed when I receive a short (or NO) answer. Thanks, Icha and Michelle, I needed that.

Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian

Unknown said...

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